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Message from the Principal Dr. Liaquat Qaiser

Rev. Dr. Liaquat Qaiser

Welcome to Full Gospel Assemblies Bible College! We are an institution that is committed to educating, grounding and equipping young men and women in the Word of God so that they can extend the Kingdom of God by the power of the Holy Spirit in Pakistan.Young leaders who are called by God are the need of the hour. They are the heartbeat of God. We are grateful to God that he has sent such young people to us for ministry training over the years. And He has enabled them to establish hundreds of local churches throughout the country and abroad. We rejoice that our graduates have planted over 350 churches. This is just a drop in the bucket in a huge country of about 200 million people. There are still so many cities and villages with no local church. The people living in those areas need to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Their eternity is at stake! How long should they keep on living in darkness, deception and loneliness without tasting the grace of God in Christ? FGA Bible College exists to train young people who are burning with a passion to touch the lost with this grace, which they have themselves tasted. Through the College, these anointed young people are inspired to advance the kingdom of God’s grace in Pakistan by pioneering local churches, which are alive and actively extending the gospel of Christ to the lost around them.FGA Bible College creates a purposeful atmosphere through its academic program, loving relationships and ministry opportunities. Through our program, students can discover more about God’s plan for their lives and cultivate a deep passion to reach the lost.Times have changed since the Bible College began in 1967. The socio-religious climate of the country has shifted in favor of extremist attitudes. The weak church in Pakistan now faces challenges such as persecution, poverty, illiteracy and terrorism. One big challenge is that leaders of a high caliber are very few and far between, while the need for preaching the gospel of God’s love to a poor man, who lives a hopeless and empty life, remains the same. The heart of man still longs painfully to experience a love without any strings attached, the kind of love that is only found in Jesus Christ. In the changing times, the great commission of Christ remains unchanged: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…” (Matthew 28:19). We continue, therefore, to equip young men and women who have a heart to share Christ with those who are without Him. If your heart beats with the words of the Great Commission, then the FGA Bible College is a place for you.We are deeply thankful to our faithful supporters who have stood with us for years in the ministry of teaching and training leaders in Pakistan. However, with the growing challenge of more workers, we need new partners in this essential ministry to finish the work before Christ the King returns. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you about the work we are doing. We strongly invite you to join us as a partner to reach the people of Pakistan with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

FGA Bible College is the official ministry training institute of the Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan.The College is based in a Christian community in Lahore, the capital of Punjab.The Bible College trains young people from FGA and other denominations who share our faith in Jesus as the Lord and Savior.Approximately half of our students come from outside FGA.

bible 2FGA Bible College was founded in 1967 by a Swedish missionary,Rev. Kjell Sjoberg, when the Pentecostal movement was in full swing in the cities and villages of Pakistan. At that time new churches were rapidly being born, but they lacked trained leaders to provide the necessary pastoral care.To fulfill this need,FGA started a Bible School with a one-year training program for those young men who felt the call to serve God.Rev.Kjell Sjoberg served as the first principal of the Bible College.Because of the increased demand for pastors and workers with more training, in 1989 the school expanded its program to a twoyear Diploma of Theology.In the year 2000,a research-based Bachelor of Arts in Theology program was launched, designed to be completed after the Diploma of Theology.In 2009 this program was replaced by a oneyear taught Bachelor of Theology degree. Distinctively, for the last ten or so years, the Bible College has been offering an Englishonly Masters of Divinity degree by dissertation, administered in conjunction with the UK Advisory Board for Christian Studies, and overseen by Rev.Dr. Hugh Osgood. Students can be based in Pakistan or abroad.In August 1994, the Bible College opened its doors for women. This was a paradigm shift in ministry training,as women had been marginalized in both society and church. Today, 50% of the student body is women. In Pakistan's male-dominated social context, we are proud to also have women on our faculty and staff. The College started with about. a dozen students in 1967. Currently we have nearly 100 students from all over Pakistan. The number is increasing every year and is limited only by our 3FGA Bible College has Graduated more than 600 Students. These graduates are serving as pastors, evangelists, Indigenous Missionaries, Children's Ministry workers, women's ministry workers,worship leaders, and also as Witnesses in secular professions. Our graduates serve with FGA churches, other Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches, and Parachurch Organizations. Some are key leaders in their churches or mission organizations. Our graduates are an instrument of Blessing to tens of thousands in Pakistan today, a privilege for which we are grateful to God.


To equip local Christians to win for Christ by preaching Gospel where believers are actively persecuted for Christian witness.

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