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The missionaries realized the importance of distributing Christian literature early on. In 1963, KjeU Sjoberg wrote an article in Evangelii Harold regarding the need for colporteurs to disseminate Bibles. Moreover, the need was expressed for a fund to be used for the free distribution of Scripture portions. Literature was distributed on a small scale, but the needs were great. There was a desire for good Christian literature for teaching, amongst other things. The missionaries needed money in order to print literature, for a bookshop and a storeroom.

The Pentecostal Movement of Pakistan only had a few books and pamphlets of its own. There were two books translated from Swedish: "Ancient Christian Sources of Power", by Lewi Pethrus and "The Church of God", by G. Dahl. Tage Sjoberg's book, "The Church of God in Action" was also being translated and was printed the following year. Furthermore, there were a songbook, three small leaflets and a few tracts". In an article published in 1964 one can read about distribution of tracts and Bibles.

During the year around one hundred thousand tracts were printed and distributed. Tage Sjoberg's books along with a few leaflets were distributed to all priests and preachers from the country's various denominations.

The literature ministry developed until it encompassed several teams which sold and Distributed literature. In 1977 there were around ten young men divided into three teams involved in literature distribution.

The following books have been printed in Urdu and distributed among various Church Leaders:-

  1. Triumphant Church
  2. In the Shadows of the Cross
  3. Between Two Tigers
  4. Journey of Marriage
  5. Closer to the Fire
  6. Pastor’s Wife
  7. Hearts of Fire
  8. Extreme Devotion
  9. Heroic Faith
  10. Into the Den of Infidels
  11. Tortured for Christ
  12. The New Testament Church Leadership
  13. Building House Churches Network


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