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Church Planting is a process that results in a New (local) Christian Church being established. It should be distinguished from Church development, where a new service, new worship center or fresh expression is created that is integrated into established congregation. New Graduates from the FGA Bible College, when they jump into the field of ministry they have to face many challenges in the new areas. They need our prayers and financial assistance to pioneer their ministries.

Our Graduates:That makes difference

Pastor Daniel, 1998 grad– Pastor Daniel came to FGA Bible College as a pastor of a small church in Lahore. His Experience here polished him and developed his confidence. After graduating, he planted a second church in Lahore. Now 300-350 people worship under his pastoral leadership. He has been appointed Vice Chairman of the Universal Gospel Assemblies (UGA) denomination. Daniel also has a strong apologetics ministry.

Ev.Sajida, 2003 graduate – Sajida was involved in Sunday School ministry prior to coming to Bible College. Faculty at the Bible College encouraged her to discover and develop her gift as a Bible teacher. After graduating, she opened five adult literacy centers for teenage boys and girls—a joint venture between FGA and the Brethren Church in Pakistan. In  2004, she went for two years of training at Mattersey Hall Christian College in England. In 2006, she returned to Pakistan and started Noor Ministries, which focuses on discipleship, health and education. This ministry is currently providing education to 225 very poor Christian children in rural backward areas.

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